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VADA history

1932: Louis van Dael founds the fat melting plant VADA, in Antwerp.

1971: VADA amalgamates with Frans Verbraeke’s Antwerp Fat Plant AVC (Antwerpse Vetcentrale). The new company operates under a new name: AVC VADA.

1986: Hugo Ooms and Luk Wouters take over AVC VADA

1987: With the take over of the VAD fat melting plant (Wilrijk), AVC VADA becomes the most important melter in the Antwerp region.

1993: A fire nearly destroys the production hall completely. Six months later the plants is operational, again.

2009: VION takes over AVC VADA. 

2010: The animal fat melting process moves from Hoevenen to the VION plant in Eindhoven (Netherlands).

2011: VADA takes over Belgras.


2014: Darling International Inc. takes over AVC VADA.