About us

Vada produces high quality frying oil and fats for human consumption and commercialises its products under its own brand names VADA and BELGRAS, and as private label. Because of the products’ impeccable quality, VADA can be considered as a top player in its field of industry.

VADA has always – from the early start – aimed to deliver the best possible quality.  Today they still do. VADA always uses the best raw materials; the company invests in after sales service and durable cooperation.

VADA’s customers can choose from a big array of fats and oils, all trustworthy quality products, manufactured in a safe environment. Because VADA guarantees a perfect and constant quality and a fresh taste, the company has been a preferred supplier to many professionals, going from wholesale distributors to the industry and food services.

VADA history

1932: Louis van Dael founds the fat melting plant VADA, in Antwerp.

1971: VADA amalgamates with Frans Verbraeke’s Antwerp Fat Plant AVC (Antwerpse Vetcentrale). The new company operates under a new name: AVC VADA.

1986: Hugo Ooms and Luk Wouters take over AVC VADA

1987: With the take over of the VAD fat melting plant (Wilrijk), AVC VADA becomes the most important melter in the Antwerp region.

1993: A fire nearly destroys the production hall completely. Six months later the plants is operational, again.

2009: VION takes over AVC VADA. 

2010: The animal fat melting process moves from Hoevenen to the VION plant in Eindhoven (Netherlands).

2011: VADA takes over Belgras.


2014: Darling International Inc. takes over AVC VADA.